I Quit!

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

About two weeks and one day, I did what I usually don't advise people to do: I left my job without a job! Scary, I know. I am very much one to say, "Don't you leave your job without another job!" However, in this case, I will say, this time I was the exception to that very valid rule:)


There are times when it is necessary to take a risk in life or you risk MISSING YOUR LIFE. If I had stayed in my previous position, as much as I enjoyed the work, I would have risk MISSING MY LIFE. Not that my life would not have been great. I believe I would have turned out fine, but here's the thing: I don't want to have an air quote "fine life."


Had I stayed, I would have stayed in a comfortable spot. Likely moving in the direction that others would have suggested without giving my hopes, my dreams a fair shot!


Thankfully I listened to that small voice. You know, the one we ignore when we shouldn't. So instead of doing what is comfortable, I suddenly did what was risky. I left...

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Shift Gears

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

In 2009, I decided I wanted to be debt-free. I was swamped with a credit card bill, medical bills, and student loans totaling about $83,000. Well, six years later, I have about $18,000 left!


Has it been difficult? Ah, yeah!


Is it worth it? Ah, double yeah!


Can anyone do it? Absolutely!


It all starts with making a decision and sticking with that decision.


Making a decision is way more than simply saying, "I want to be debt-free." Although making that declaration is a start, the real work is in making all of your habits line up with that decision.


For starters, I made the decision not to be a victim and to stop feeling sorry for myself. After reading an article by Dave Ramsey, I began to follow his steps on snowballing debt.


After that, I didn't accumulate any other form of debt....clearly I already had enough debt! I made my habits of careless spending and temptations to acquire more debt take a back seat. I stopped making excuses for...

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Who is on your A-Team?

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

You remember Mr. T on the A-Team? If not, I just dated myself! Although I would never take on his fashion sense, I remember believing he was AWESOME as a kid! He just made things happen.


Mr. T was clearly an important part of the A-Team. He even had his on cereal! Which is definitely a mark of importance! However, without the rest of the A-Team, he was just Mr. T. No one would have been around to challenge him or calm him down, if necessary!


I realize more and more that I am only the person I am because of the phenomenal people that surround me! My circle of people makes my life better, and help me stay on track.


They are not merely statues of fabulous people for the sake of having a fancy entourage. It is much more than that. I can be who I really am with them. I am challenged to become a better person because of them. I recognize the part each individual plays in my life, and I give them the space to play their unique role.


It is true what "they" say,...

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3 Tips to Becoming Fear-Free!

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

As the new year approaches and I think of the many goals that I want to accomplish, I often find myself overwhelmed with fear.


The fear of rejection.


The fear of acceptance.


The fear that I will fail.


The fear that I may not have what it takes.


I could go on and on with these thoughts. Once they start, it becomes like a flood of negativity that is only meant to paralyze me from doing what I believe is in me to do.


Sometimes, I allow myself to sit with these thoughts for way too long. So long that I miss deadlines, I waste time, I procrastinate, etc. I basically get in my own way.


Thankfully, I occasionally heed to that voice deep within me (I am learning to heed to it more often). All I hear is simply, "HAVE NO FEAR."


When we decide to live continually without fear, we are free to pursue our dreams without holding ourselves back from life's possibilities.


Living without fear causes us to move on to something that we...

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Happy New Life

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

According to Forbes, "studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them."

Did you know that?!

Well, obviously there is something wrong if 92% of folks setting goals are not following through. It's like we just get fired up, and then quickly fizzle.

When I have found myself in the company of that 92%, it is usually because I was missing one or all of these four things: Clarity, Accountability, Strategy, and Positive Mindset.

It is important to be ultra clear about what you actually want, adopt a plan to pursue what you want, get the accountability to remain consistent, and get out of your head!

This is how you have a GREAT LIFE and not just a GREAT YEAR.

Do you want more tips? Here are 3 ways you can begin living a great life:


1.Be Brave

Brave is defined as "endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear."


Fear can't hold you back if you don't let it hold...

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Get Clear

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

Lack of clarity is what can hold us back from living the life we desire.

When we are unclear, we tend to be paralyzed. We have a fear of making a decision that may be wrong or we fear the timing is wrong.

The fact is some of us are not unclear on our next steps. Some of us are just downright afraid to make a decision and take action on what we deep down already know.

I have known for YEARS that I am called to be a speaker and coach. I have ALWAYS been drawn to create spaces for transformation for others. I have ALWAYS felt the excitement of seeing others transformed into their true selves because of their new found belief in themselves.

However, I was afraid to step into this solely on my own. I hide behind organizations and other causes. That doesn't mean that the work is not meaningful. What it does mean is I struggled about stepping into my own work. I feared that I would not be received well because I was not part of a bigger organization or company.

Some of us are afraid that...

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10 Questions to Get Clear

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

Is clarity of purpose in your career and personal life still driving you nuts?!

Well, remember in our last conversation, "Reflection Brings Clarity."

Here are 10 questions to reflect on to help you get more clear about your intentions this year! Find a quiet time and journal your answers. I am certain that your answers will bring you closer to what you desire to see!

What do you want to see yourself doing 10 years from now? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

My life’s top 10 values in 10 words/phrases. Then, choose the top 3.

When I die, what do I want 3 key people to say about me?

If money and time were limitless, what would I do every day?

Describe your ideal day.

What do you want your life to FEEL like 90% of the time?

What is the greatest gift you can give to the world?

Someone in the world is in need of your talent and guidance, what are you giving them?

Why is it important that you give the world your gift?

How will others be better because of interacting with you?



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Get Clear and Say No

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

These last few weeks I have been presented with some AMAZING opportunities. I've received invitations to join some meaningful work with women, to speak at an event with middle and high school girls, to join a society of C-suite professionals and entrepreneurs, and even a job opportunity from a company in a different city!

All of this felt initially very flattering! I almost gave in to giving more of my time to some of these opportunities, but something stopped me. That something is CLARITY.

Perhaps you have the same types of invitations that come your way in your life and it sounds like...

Someone wants you to lead a volunteer effort.

You have the opportunity to get promoted.

A friend wants you to partner with them on a Business Idea.

You are prospected to attend a graduated school in the fall.


You can say YES to all of this and be swimming in an ocean of what others see you doing.

Or you can get really CLEAR about what your personal mission is right now. Get...

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Use Your Time Wisely

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

With the times we are living in right now, it can feel like we should be just as still as the world is becoming.

From less places to go for business or pleasure to more time indoors than outdoors (although we are on the brink of spring and good weather), we can live and remain in a place of feeling stuck and complacent. It can feel like we are literally going nowhere!

However, we don't have to be stuck! There is more time to think than there has been in a while with the way our lives are overwhelmed with so much stimulus on our phones, laptops, and everywhere else in between.

I want to challenge you to use the time that you have now DIFFERENTLY than you may have up until this point. I challenge you to finish up some unfinished projects, pick up the book you have been meaning to read, start the business plan you have put off, or call that friend that has been on your mind the last couple of months.

Use the time you have now more wisely than before. Choose to re-arrange your...

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Choose Your Focus

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020

Multitasking is something that we tend to do so naturally in our world of constant movement. It has become so second nature to eat and meet, talk and walk, drive while taking a call, and the list goes on!

Did you know that you can't multi-focus though?

You can do whatever you want all at once, but we are only able to truly give attention to one thing at a time.

What will you choose to focus on in the moments that you have with less hustle and bustle?

What is the one thing you can focus on to give you the biggest bang for buck during this time of the world taking a pause?

Is it being a better spouse?

Is it developing your leadership skills?

Is it simply taking care of yourself more?

Is it how to make more revenue in your business?

Regardless of what your focus is, I challenge you to select an area that will help you move your life forward and get you closer to the life, career, and business you desire to have!

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