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+Catch a vision for your life.
+Master your energy and priorities.

+Position yourself to thrive!



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I decided what success looks like....and it feels good:)

Me on my 40th birthday feeling like I had finally cracked the code on living the life that I desire to have.

I had been quarantined for 2 months like the rest of the world and this was my first time back in civilization. A yearly commitment to a birthday photoshoot. social distancing style because of the current times we were living in.

Besides a birthday celebration...I had a lot to be proud of because ALL IN A MATTER OF THREE MONTHS I did the following...
I had just made $4,000 in group coaching and had booked myself to the brim with one-on-one coaching clients.
I hired a coach to help me write my first book...after putting it off....off and on....for the last 2 years.
​I finally finished getting certified in life and leadership coaching and received my ICF credentials (after putting it off for at least 5 years).

During this shot, I was literally thinking, "I can have whatever I desire."

Imposter syndrome? Yep, sho nuff! I felt like who I was was not enough. Someone out there would be doing it better than me so why bother?

Analysis paralysis? Did you see the part where I waited five years to pursue a goal?

Created excuses? All-day, every day! There is no such thing as perfect conditions, yet I waited on them.


In the words of Biggie Smalls, prior to the above picture, I felt like it was "All A Dream!"

I was itching to take my speaking and coaching business full throttle. I mean I had been prepping for it my whole life!

I was a facilitator, speaker, and mentor at the age of 17 years old! It was my first job (teen mentor) and I knew that it was definitely my happy place.

By 2015, I was 12 years out of business school, completed another BA in dance, co-founded a nonprofit, and was managing a financial literacy program. I was feeling like I was in a place where I could take another leap in my career and start my dream business: coaching and empowering women and girls to live their fullest potential!

So what did I do, I quit my job!

I decided that I wanted a higher paying position in another organization where I felt connected to the mission. However, despite many interviews, I didn't feel like I was extended an offer that was a representation of my value.

So until the next thing, I decided to go hard at work at my own nonprofit and do side contracts.

Then something big happened....

One year later, I became the Artistic and Executive Director of my nonprofit!

Here, me and my co-founders' baby, became a bigger responsibility for me. It was here that I was able to put my entrepreneurial skills to the test (for real, for real). What happened you ask?

I was OUT HERE that is what happened. Within 2 years, I was able to raise
over 25% of our revenue with new funding dollars, established a leadership
development structure for volunteer staff, and helped our company secure a very lucrative RFP with a vendor for up to $75,000 each year for our services. I established new partnerships that expanded our outreach to 300 additional students. I received the 40 Under 40 Milwaukee Business Journal Award in 2018 for the work that I was able to achieve for our community with my nonprofit all while....you guessed it.... while also juggling other contract positions (in year one) and a full-time gig (in year two)?

Why you may ask? I was able to balance it and did not mind collecting multiple checks! And to this day, I still do the same! I work full-time and I do work on my own that is meaningful and aligned with that 2015 me that desired to speak and coach....and this time around, I needed more than a nudge to take a leap in my life...

I needed a coach!

Remember that 17 year old me? And then that 2015 me? She still wanted to speak and coach! Don't get me wrong, I did some of that still with my nonprofit and other gigs. I truly wanted to submerge my life in leadership and personal development. I wanted to help other high-acheiving, entrepreneurial women leaders, like me, in a bigger way. I was already doing it for $free.99! Doing "Get Your Life" sessions with my friends over the holidays or with mentees. I just wanted to help women take action on what their heart's desires were, especially if it had anything to do with being entrepreneurial, transitioning into another career, or pursuing their next audacious, next level goal.

A coach helped me get there. She helped me get out of my head and get into action in my life. She literally helped me to Get My WHOLE Life together!

Now here I am full circle! I help high-achieving women like you unlock your potential and power so you began to give yourself permission to create the life and business you crave to build!

Let's face it. You have already done dope things. Are you resisting the next thing though?

I help you know that everything you desire to do is possible to start NOW.

You don't have to wait to use your gifts, share your talents, do meaningful work, bet on yourself, or the like until someday when (fill in the blank). And you certainly don't have to do it for free either. I mean you can, however, why not get paid?

I currently work full-time in an phenomenal, international leadership development company AND I have the opportunity to share my gift and talents in ways that some would think you could only do if you are a full-time entrepreneur. Not so, and it doesn't make you any less successful!

I help entreprenuers, coaches and facilitators suffering with self-doubt and lack of momentum learn how to lean into their being, get clear on their vision and learn to master their energy and priorities to accomplish their next level of sucess without having to quit working.

You create the rules for your success. I will help you SLOW DOWN to define it for you entire life.

Like Alicia Keys says, "Some people want it all!" And we can have it all after we decide what "all" means to us! We need a clear vision, a plan of action to execute it, and a mindset aligned with that vision to stay consistently living the life we outlined for ourselves.

So, if you are feeling what I am throwing down, then you may already know what's next...

You need a coach to help you master the next level YOU so you can get rid of excuses and start transforming lives with your gifts today. 

I had my first coaching session with Desiree with no real expectations. I thought it would be a cool idea to have a life coach. I was amazed leaving the session. I walked away with realistic steps to start my own business. Her candor and thought-provoking questions caused me to pause and really uncover and articulate a passion to help women excel in Corporate America. I truly appreciated that Desiree did not let me venture too far off into the future and conjure up multiple "what-if" scenarios to prevent me from putting action to my plan. She truly did help me get my life!

-Tiffany M., Founder of Moore Of You

"When I began receiving coaching services from Desiree, my goals varied from emotional peace, financial freedom, and clarity concerning what I was doing and why. I was focusing on a lot of things without strategic intention. I decided to utilize get your life coaching at a time in my life where I was experiencing a lot of change and needed clarity. I recommend Desiree to women of faith, women of vision, and women ready to take action! This woman truly invested her time, her stories, and her knowledge as my coach. Desiree has changed my life."
- Lea H., Executive Director of Under My Wing Inc.

This is for you if....

You are ready to let go of waiting for perfect conditions.

I get it...I've been there too. Waiting on the perfect timing. Getting my website just right. Or maybe waiting on quitting my job, or once I have a little more expertise....then I will make a move. I was scared to take a chance on me and MY GOOD STUFF:)

 Instead of waiting on perfect conditions....

You can take one step.

One step can look like clarifying what you want next.

One step could be defining your success.

One step could be, dare I say, telling someone with influence about your next move.

I decided to take a step and offer my coaching services during the beginning of the pandemic. I thought it was bad timing, however, I worked with many clients. and made $7,000 in a time that I thought was not ideal.

You could be missing out on serving others with your gift because you think better timing is coming. A better time is never guaranteed. Take a one small step.

This is also for you if...

If you are tired of being on the hamster wheel and are ready to slow down to go fast.

What if I told you that slowing down the pace of your life will be the thing to accelerate your growth and results.

When is the last time you took time to develop yourself and focus on yourself from the inside out?

If you desire to go to your next level, but are suffering with how to start, if you should start, where to start, or what you should even do. And even moreso, if I am cut out to do what I have been envisioning myself doing.

Then I know it is because you are moving too fast.

When you choose to slow yourself down, you will begin to see where you attention is needed.

Focus will become clear.

There will be less that you have to "figure out".

Once you quiet the noise!



Here's what happened to me after I decided I was enough...

  • I Made A Believer Out of Myself: So many were waiting for me to begin and all I had to do was start. More people than I expected actually admired my life already. Instant confidence boost from taking action.
  • I Figured It Out: Everything that I didn't know, I suddenly decided that I could make whatever needed to happen happen. My circle of what was possible expanded.
  • I Began To Say Yes To What Was In My Head: Instead of suppressing my dreams, I just started doing it! I wrote my first book, I became credentialed by the ICF in coaching, I started one-on-one and group coaching, and I had more paid speaking opportunities.




A group coaching program to help you gain clarity and confidence so you can transition into your next level of success in life and business. 

Save Your Spot
  • Define Your Personal Mission and Life Vision so you can keep the main thing, the main thing. Define your success for you.
  • Uncover your dopeness through working on re-discovery of your personal strengths. and how you can use them for your benefit in your next level of success. You will get a big dose of confidence juice here.
  • Layout a clear strategy so that you can focus on your highest goals in life and business and take massive action within 90 days. Take big baby steps in your journey.
  • Learn how to manage your priorities and master the use of your energy every day for maximum results and joy.
  • Create a circle of support that will aid you in making your next level of success to stretch you, challenge you, and keep you leveled up.

PART 1: Self Pace Learning and Life Work

Step-by-step videos and assignments (lifework) that help you get clear and confident so you can get results in your life and business in 90 days.

  • Learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • ​Get lifework that actually helps you take MASSIVE ACTION.
  • ​Have access to course videos as long as it exists!

PART 2: Community and Accountability

Real time accountability in our private community.

  • Have access to others that are on the same journey as you.
  • ​A place you can share your wins and ideas.
  • ​Gain accountability partners. You don't have to go it alone.

PART 3: Coaching Support

Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE!

  • Regular Live Group Coaching Q and A Calls with Desiree
  • Support to Guide You and Keep You on Track
  • ​Opportunity to Be Challenged and Stretched

Here's what you'll learn:

MODULE O: Welcome

  • Introduction
  • ​Setting Intentions
  • ​Prioritizing the program


MODULE 1: Biggest Version of Yourself

  • Create a Personal Mission for YOU
  • Identify Your Strengths
  • Define the Biggest Version of Yourself


MODULE 2: You Have Everything You Need

  • Uncover Your Dopeness
  • Strengthfinders
  • Create Your Banging Bio


MODULE 3: Get Your Mind Right

  • Create a Personal Mission for YOU
  • Identify Your Strengths
  • Define the Biggest Version of Yourself


MODULE 4: Define Your Success

  • Reverse Engineer Your Success Plan
  • Qualitative Definition Of Success
  • Quantitative Definition Of Success


MODULE 5: Big Baby Steps

  • Stretching Yourself
  • Start Taking Action
  • Refine Your Plan


MODULE 6: Build Your A-Team

  • What is an A-Team?
  • Survey Your People Resources
  • Build Your Team Of Support


MODULE 7: Love Your Journey

  • Your Journey Is The Destination
  • How Will You Care For Yourself?
  • Wins, Gratitude, and stay Present

Desiree made every step of the process of launching really simple and easy. For months I had been working on creating a organized framework to guide all of the work I would be doing and by completing one of her modules I was able to create a an amazing framework within a few hours! All in all, the group coaching has helped me become more prepared and confident in launching my business.

- Trameka, Past Client


Get the following when you enroll today...

Free Strenthfinders and Builder Assessment
($39.99 value)

Having trouble figuring out how to express your greatness?

Not sure, what makes you stand out?

These two assessments will help you not only see your greatness, but you will easily begin to articulate it to others to amplify your expertise and authority.

Get Your Life Academy Online Access
($497 value)

Lifetime Access to the
Get Your Life Academy videos, worksheets, and tools that reinforce your learning to provide simple solutions when you find yourself unsure of your next steps.

You can revisit this anytime to refresh yourself and continue to clarify your definition of success.


Get Your Life Today Book and Journal

($42 value)

My book and journal give you tools to self-coach in the areas of life, leadership, and business! You will learn 7 Success Hacks that will help reiterate principles in this program and serve as a guide for personal growth. This book and journal will help you maintain the mindset necessary to take MASSIVE action for your life and business. 



When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to...

Set Up Your Elevation Roadmap
($997 value)

Leaning into our being is a lifelong journey and we don’t take the time to master that. Powerful leaders and entrepreneurs learn to take time out to do this powerful work.

Get a deeper dive bonus session to get into your being specifically for PIF participants.


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Save Your Spot

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I’ve coached over 60+ aspiring and current entrepreneurs and working professionals about getting clear and confident so they can be bold in their personal and entrepreneurial endeavors and live fuller lives….because let’s be real…we want both☺

In my position as a coach and consultant with FranklinCovey, I coach and train hundreds of educational professionals each year to achieve measurable results at work and in their life…because we want both…remember that.

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